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  1. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481171426_5382.jpg How can I create an account for Seinustar?

    Go to www.seinustar.com and click Sign Up. You can sign up as a member using your email address. Membership and account creation are free. 

    Please complete your account before renting your product.

  2. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481171606_1019.jpg How can I edit my profile in Seinustar?

    Access and Log in to www.seinustar.com, then click on My Page. Please enter your password and edit your profile. 

  3. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481171657_8901.jpg Can I connect to my social media's account to use Seinustar?

    We do not currently support it, but we will make it possible to connect with Facebook, Google and other accounts in the future.

  4. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481171696_9333.jpg How can I delete my Seinustar account?

    Access & Log in to www.seinustar.com, then click on My Page. Enter your password and click the "Leave" button at the bottom. 

  5. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481171743_0126.jpg Can I change Seinustar account's email address?

    Log in to www.seinustar.com, click on the 'Reauthentication' button at the bottom. You can re-verify by entering a new email address. 

  6. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481171788_8118.jpg Do I have to do email authorization?

    E-mail authentication is required to create a seinustar account.

  7. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481172188_2444.jpg Why didn't I receive the authorization email?

    1. Please make sure your email address is correct.

    2. Take a better look at the inbox of your email account.

    3. Check your spam folder.

    4. When spam is stored in the mailbox, please remove the spam.

  8. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481172136_8089.jpg How can I change the account's password?

    Akses & Log in to www.seinustar.com, then click on My Page. Enter your password, and edit your password on the profile screen by clicking the 'Edit' button.

    Remember the password you changed.

  9. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481172214_2019.jpg Do I need to enter my profile correctly?

    If you do not enter your profile correctly, you will not be able to verify your identity when you receive your item.

  10. 343767fbf0e39a4f87f98d698ac949fa_1481172257_7102.jpg I can not remember my password.

    Go to www.seinustar.com and click Login. If you click Find Password, a new password will be sent to the registered email address. 

    Please log in with your new password and correct your password.


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